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Cymau Pool, A Little Gem In The Hills

Last week I fished Llay A.A.’s main pool, Llay Reservoir and I was impressed. Today was Incredibly Filthy Weather day which meant (a) it had to be a weekend

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Fishing Rambles

Today I was thinking about venturing out for an afternoon’s fishing but the skies opened up and I succumbed to the allure of a warm living room and my laptop computer. Tomorrow, DEFINITELY going fishing. Two days in a row with no fishing (and three with no fish if you count yesterday’s River Dee Blank) […]

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Seven Quid. That’s Ridiculous.

(Update: Unbelievably Lionel’s Tackle Shop has closed down!) So I drove up to Lionels Tackle Shop to squander some money on bait for an afternoon’s fishing. I didn’t really have any idea where I was going to fish so I asked the very nice Maggot Salesperson at Lionels for suggestions. He said, “Why not try […]

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