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River Dee at Farndon and a Rant About Overpriced Fishing Poles

A quick report on the River Dee at Farndon: As you know the Dee has been in flood for well over two months and levels are only just starting to get somewhat closer to normal. This morning thought I’d give it a go. Frankly I’m getting desperate for some good winter river fishing on the […]

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Still Looking At Pole Options

Today was a glorious, mild, sunny December day, a wonderful day for fishing thus it goes without saying that I couldn’t go due to prior engagements. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy, wet and just plain ‘orrible, and so it’s quite probable that the weather will scupper any chance of fishing. In the meantime, it’s […]

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Violent Assault Poles Infest Rod Holdalls

What do the following all have in common: “Grim Reaper”, “Venom Pro”, “Darkside”, “Nemesis”, “Carp Cruncher”, “Carp Basher”, “Beast Master”, “Shock Core Fusion” and “Battlezone”? Answer, they’re all fairly violent or sinister names for fishing poles. This is a curious and even baffling phenomenon that pole manufacturers have adopted when it comes to naming some […]

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