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River Dee, Farndon. War is Averted!

After reading about Ian Futcher’s amazing Perch catch on the River Dee at Farndon I thought to myself “I’m free on Friday, the weather forecast for Friday 6th November 2015  is wet and dry and warm with a chance of burnt out fireworks littering the countryside, I’ll give it a go.” It occurred to me […]

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Proof that Anglers are Geniuses.

As some of you might be aware I only recently returned to the U.K. after 27 years living abroad. Those of you who are not aware of this fact, please be aware that I only recently returned to the U.K. after 27 years living abroad. (That’s how you pad a blog post). Now that I’m […]

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River Dee Amazing Dace Fishing

4th November 2015 (a Wednesday, as I write this, it’s also an evening when Arsenal appear to be getting totally stuffed by Bayern Munich in the Champion’s League) was a great day to fish. It was a particularly great day to fish the Dee at Sandy Lane. Calm, warm, and CALM again. The “CALM” bit […]

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More on the Asian Carp

This is a repeat of an article I did a couple of years ago when I was fishing in Thailand. Thai anglers catching a Silver Carp, also known as an Asian Carp and locally as a Chinese Carp. It was taken yesterday at BoSang Fishing Park. I’ve been trying for days to catch different fish […]

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Asian Carp, What a Bloody Nuisance!

We’re very lucky in the U.K. not to have these things invading our rivers.  It’s the Asian Carp, also known as the Silver Carp. They look awesome, as though they’d be a great hard-fighting sports fish. But, here’s the catch: You CAN’T catch them on rod and line, at least with normal and relatively humane […]

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Yew Tree Fisheries, Wirral, Review

Sunday 1st November was misty, calm and cool. A day to fish if ever there was one! A quick Google search of fisheries in my local area and up popped “Yew Tree Fisheries” just 20 minutes drive from my house. Went to the office, bought my ticket and chose the big lake. I asked for […]

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Well, this is just awful. The things you see when fishing in the U.K. [easyazon_infoblock align=”none” cart=”n” identifier=”B00IZJB6CE” locale=”UK” tag=”thecomang-21″] [easyazon_infoblock align=”none” cart=”n” identifier=”B00FGXBS1G” locale=”UK” tag=”thecomang-21″] [easyazon_infoblock align=”none” cart=”n” identifier=”B00H4Y505U” locale=”UK” tag=”thecomang-21″]

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Product Review: Lightweight Fishing Seat Box is Well Worth The Money for the Roaming Angler

Now I feel quite qualified to review this particular item as I own and use one myself! It’s a lightweight fishing seat box with two slide in tackle boxes, side and front pockets, adjustable legs/feet and a strong shoulder strap which can be converted for backpack-style use. My take on it is that it’s actually […]

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Stunning Casting Skills in Thailand

This is absolutely ridiculous. The casting skills these Thai anglers possess are out of this world. The fish they’re catching are (mainly) snakeheads, great sport, great eating (unfortunately for the snakehead, that is). There’s also the  Hampala Barb in a couple of scenes. Two videos, one great talent! A GoPro or similar camera is used […]


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