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The U.K.’s Current Population Growth Is A Huge Problem

Politicians love to espouse the benefits of high levels of immigration while glossing over the out of control expansion of the U.K.’s population. Here’s how they “spin” their arguments and here’s how I rebut those arguments as ridiculous twaddle: 1. Population growth is needed because it adds to economic growth. By this argument the main […]

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Back to Llandegla – Rainbows and Roach

In my last post I’d mentioned that I wanted to give theĀ  upper coarse lake at Llandegla Fishery a go. Thus, yesterday I hied my way back to their beautiful location. It was almost lunch time when I arrived. So, I sat down in their great little cafe for a bowl of their delicious home […]

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Fly Fishing Gear and Complete Fly Fishing Kits, Everything You Need to Start Fly Fishing Right Here!

One of the reasons I love ordering on line from Amazon is their customer support and returns procedure is second to none in terms of service and speed. If you order a product and it doesn’t match the description given or if it’s in any way defective just return it using the ridiculously easy Returns […]

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Llandegla Fishery – a Coarse and Fly Paradise

(Note, the map above and all future maps on The Compleat Angler are clickable and interactive. This is because I’ve finally figured out how to do it). What an absolute diamond Llandegla Fishery is! With two coarse and two trout lakes and a cafe with ridiculously amazing and reasonably priced food all set in the […]

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Talking Trout Fishing and Pole Testing

Today was spent at Cheshire Fishing, once more practicing my fly fishing casting, tangling and swearing techniques as well as my “buying stuff from the tackle shop” tactics. (On the satellite photo above the “EFF’s” show the trout pools.) I’m happy to report that I actually caught two more trout on the fly although one […]

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Getting Ready For Fly Fishing

As you’ll recall (like heck you will, I bet you already forgot) I went fly fishing a couple of days ago and caught my first ever fly-caught fish, I used something fluorescent and feathery and glittery that looked like nothing I’ve ever seen in the Insect World to deceive Mr. Thicko Trout

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A Trout On The Fly! First Time Fly Fishing

With the help of YouTube instructional videos I was “ready” to try my hand at some fly fishing, something I’ve never done before. Off I went to Cheshire Fishing to give it a go. My reasons for choosing this particular fishery were multiple.

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Rain and Misery – Thanks, Met Office.

So I took a look at today’s weather forecast. Dry until 5pm, then rain. Great! I was a little worse for New Years Eve wear but finally able to leave the house today at 1pm on a cold but still dry afternoon. I figured a quick 20 minute drive to Llay Reservoir and by the […]

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2016 Fishing New Years Resolutions

OK, so here’s The Compleat Angler’s New Years Resolutions. In 2016 I promise that I will: 1. Catch a Pike. I’ve never caught one in my life. I’ve “hooked” a few while reeling in tiddlers but of course under those circumstances the pike is holding on to the little fish and they always let go […]

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Still Looking At Pole Options

Today was a glorious, mild, sunny December day, a wonderful day for fishing thus it goes without saying that I couldn’t go due to prior engagements. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy, wet and just plain ‘orrible, and so it’s quite probable that the weather will scupper any chance of fishing. In the meantime, it’s […]

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