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Ledger Fishing and The Fact I’m Useless At It

I have to admit, I’ve done 99% of my fishing on the float. Even when I visited Thailand to go after some of the monsters there I tried to use the float as much as possible. There’s just something about watching that little float tip do its dance when something is sniffing around considering whether […]

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Fishing Rod’s Eye View of a Big Striped Catfish Strike

Thailand a couple of years ago at Bo Sang Fishing Park. Strap the camera to the rod, chuck the line in and BANG! And a photo of my Tropical Wife with one of these fish. I say “Tropical Wife” because it’s now nearly November here in the U.K. and I can’t get her to come […]

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This Fishing Station Looks Like a Great Deal!

This is an intriguing fishing station for those who don’t want to spend £400 or more. The Amazon User Reviews are very favourable. It’s obvious that you won’t get a top of the line fishing seat box for the money but quality and functionality look very acceptable all round. And £160 for all of it […]

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Brave Girl Fishes Without Fishing Licence!

Or a fishing rod, fishing net or fishing anything, really. No gear, no licence, no problem!

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This Is Why We Fish.

As long as we stay on the rivers/lakes/canals, quietly partaking in the magic of fishing we all love, we will never encounter horrors like this. (The Compleat Angler would like to apologise for any distress caused by this article but cannot accept any responsibility for injuries caused to those daft enough to click the link). […]

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Lloyds Meadow Fishery 5 years ago

Found this great video on youtube by Mark Davison. Look how low the “trees” on the island are compared to the veritable jungle you see there now! Lloyds Meadow was quite beautiful 5 years ago, it’s even nicer now.  

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Hello U.K. Fishing Nuts! It Has Been A While…..

I joined the Army in 1975 as a 16 year old. I left in 1988 after almost 14 years of service. During that time I had many memorable coarse fishing sessions in Germany and the UK. I was always a fishing nut but when I left the army it felt right to start a new […]

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