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Author: ChrisAllnatt

The River Dane, Northwich Town Centre

River Dane, Northwich, “X” marks the spot. I know, I know, you’ve all been waiting an awfully long time for another fishing post. The fact is, I’ve been working very hard – I have a hungry wife to feed but she still won’t put weight on, she’s lucky like that – and fishing trips have […]

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A Far Too Long Break From Fishing

I’ve been taking a break from fishing for the last couple of weeks. Job hunting, developing my business website and general admin have taken up most of my time lately. But, today I was back out on the water, if only for a couple of hours trying for some perch and pike on little […]

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Villa Farm – Where Variety Is The Spice Of Fishing

Sunday 31st January 2016 started cold, wet and miserable. Getting up was hard to do, as the old song almost says. But, with a bit of effort I was on my way to Villa Farm Fishing. When I arrived I got out of the car and then immediately 

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Trouty Coarse Fishing at Llandegla

A couple of days ago I visited Llandegla Fishery for the third time this month. There were two reasons for my visit. One was to partake in their

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River Dee at Farndon and a Rant About Overpriced Fishing Poles

A quick report on the River Dee at Farndon: As you know the Dee has been in flood for well over two months and levels are only just starting to get somewhat closer to normal. This morning thought I’d give it a go. Frankly I’m getting desperate for some good winter river fishing on the […]

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Talking Rod Licences, National Security and The River Dee

Let’s talk about The River Dee first. After two months of flooding it is starting to get back to normal. I took a trip to Eccleston this afternoon along with 1/2 pint of maggots and some fresh bread. It’s true, The Dee does look

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River Dane at Saltersford Farm. Gorgeous Scenery, Tricky Fishing.

Wednesday 20th January 2016 dawned cold, a little frosty and almost windless. The forecast was for sunshine. Perfect!¬† So, off I drove to the River Dane at Saltersford Farm near Congleton to see if the river had come off its muddy brown post-flood stage. After parking in the car and hiking a few hundred yards […]

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Lake Of Tranquility, Always Brilliant Fishing!

Tuesday the 19th of January 2016 was a special day, weather-wise. For starters it wasn’t dribbling (or pissing) down with rain and more rain. In terms of this particular sodden and waterlogged winter that alone made it unusual. But, the main feature of this day was that it was

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After The Floods – A Session on the River Dane

As you may recall a few weeks ago I became a member of Lymm Anglers which meant I’d get to fish the River Dane. Lymm A.C. has fishing rights to three stretches of the Dane, none of which have been remotely fishable since I joined due to the floods, rain, water and general moisture which […]

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Talking Rain, Rivers, Reels And Chasing Personal Best Fish

First, let’s get to the Personal Record Fish bit. As some of you may recall I’ve made a series of New Years Resolutions for 2016 which include my having to better Personal Bests in several different fish species. The list is as follows:

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