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They’re Baaack! And They’re Personalised!

They’re back, the Crusty Old Coarse Fish are making a re-appearance after three years in the wilderness. The mugs have been redesigned so that each fish is bigger and grumpier than ever. Included in vertical letters is the species in question. These ridiculously amazing fish will be available on ceramic mugs, unbreakable Polymer mugs and heavy duty ceramic pint beer mugs. So, whether you’re enjoying your morning brew or an evening ale or sitting on the bank with a hot coffee we have the right mug for you. And, why drink out of a plain mug or beer mug when you can have one of our colourful coarse fish gawping at you?

There’s even BIGGER news: we’ll be offering the same mug designs with a Crusty Coarse Fish on one side and your favourite photo of you holding one of the same species on the other. 100% individual and personalised just for you!

The Compleat Angler Store will have prices and more details soon. Hang in there. You’ll be able to order well in time for delivery before Christmas. Here’s a sample of some of our new Coarse Fish designs, click on an image to enjoy high resolution and handsome coarse fish in all their aged glory.