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A Far Too Long Break From Fishing

I’ve been taking a break from fishing for the last couple of weeks. Job hunting, developing my business website and general admin have taken up most of my time lately. But, today I was back out on the water, if only for a couple of hours trying for some perch and pike on little lures.


Yes, it was a quickie trip to the Shroppie near Waverton. I decided that this afternoon’s little session would be devoted to Predator Hunting with lures. I had minnow drop shot lures, wobbly worm lures, rattling and diving lures, sinking lures, floating lures, in fact, I think I had a fine selection of lures. They were certainly very colourful which was good because today was a beautiful, cold, crisp, colourful and sunny Winters day, something we’ve not seen much of during this otherwise warm, grey and wet season.SHROPPY2

It really was glorious out there. All the ingredients were in place, the perfect lures, the fish-stuffed canal, wonderful weather. What could possibly go wrong? You’ve guessed it, I was the angler. I had one “take” when drop shotting with a soft minnow lure. At least I think it was a take. I missed, of course, and that was that. A Short Session Blank.


Still, I can’t really complain, it was good to get out again and wet a line. I can’t recall ever returning home so uncontaminated by Fish Smells as I did today. No maggots, no ground bait, no stinky bait flavourings. Just rubber, plastic and steel. And of course no fish.

Just to cheer me up I watched this on You Tube:

I have never even caught a pike let alone a behemoth like this one. It’s one of my 2016 Resolutions: Go out and catch a pike. I tried today, I will keep at it until I catch one. I’d like it to be on lures rather than live or dead bait but if things get desperate before winter is out I won’t be averse to sticking a heavily flavoured sardine onto a twin treble rig with trace.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is cold, crisp, sunny and so I’ll be giving it another go. I’ll probably try the Dee. Latest river level data has it dropping nicely: farndondeelevelsSee you all tomorrow, hopefully with a more interesting Fishing Report!