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Trouty Coarse Fishing at Llandegla

crusty coarse fish

A couple of days ago I visited Llandegla Fishery for the third time this month. There were two reasons for my visit. One was to partake in their ridiculously massive and tasty breakfast. It was BRILLIANT. Here’s the breakfast before I ate it: llandeglabreakfastIf you’d like to see the breakfast after I’d eaten it I’d rather not show you. That would be disgusting.

All I can do is assure you I was in Breakfast Heaven while consuming it.  The black pudding was the best I’ve ever tasted. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to any Vegans who are offended by the above photo and I wish to assure them that not a single fish was harmed during the eating of this fantastic breakfast feast.

On to the fishing: I decided to give the larger coarse lake a go. I know it’s shallow and the water is gin-clear in winter but I knew there were quite a few trout which had washed in from the upper lakes due to the recent flooding. I’d agreed with the owner of Llandegla that I’d move any trout I caught back to the trout ponds. I figured at the very least I’d catch a trout or two for some great sport on light coarse float tackle and maybe, just maybe, I’d hook a decent roach or bream.


troutfight1First fish to the net was a hard fighting rainbow trout. Tackle used for all  of my fish today was a 4BB Drennan antenna float, size 18 hook to 2.5lb hooklength and 3.5lb reel line. Bait was maggot or a tiny worm.

troutinnet1I also plunked a feeder out towards the middle of the lake with double dead red maggot. Throughout the session I also tried live maggots, worm and bread on the feeder rig. As seems to be normal with me, my legering efforts drew a blank but then this probably wasn’t the ideal venue to try a method I’m absolutely awful at.

troutunhook1 I ended up with three trout and one small bream, all in great condition. This was not exactly a heavy bag of fish but given the clarity of the water it was better than blanking. I remember fishing the Upper Coarse Pool a couple of weeks earlier and it was a fish a chuck. Alas, today, no big roach showed up despite my brain telling me “I bet there are some big roach in here.”

skimmer2skimmer1Here’s video of the trout and bream being landed.

gertrude stormAnd, just when we thought the rivers were slowly starting to get back to normal, here’s another named storm ready to give us all a good soaking. In just 47 days we won’t be able to fish the rivers because it’ll be close season. That won’t matter too much..after all, we haven’t been able to fish them hardly at all during the last 60 days due to flooding.