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Talking Rod Licences, National Security and The River Dee

Let’s talk about The River Dee first. After two months of flooding it is starting to get back to normal. I took a trip to Eccleston this afternoon along with 1/2 pint of maggots and some fresh bread. It’s true, The Dee does look better than it has for  a long time. Take a look at these photos from this afternoon’s little excursion:DEE 22ND JAN 16

river dee chesterBoth of those photos scream “Fish Me!” and so I did. I only had a couple of hours. I tried two different swims. One was a well known spot for boaters and kayakers and persons who, in general, like to splash around on top of the water, except not in Winter. There was a nice big slack area, so quiet, in fact, that I fished it using an antenna float. Nothing. Not a nibble, maggot and bread were both tried.

So, on I moved, 50 yards downstream to a much deeper spot with current. I plunked a 3 gram Bolo float on my line, bulk shotted about 30 inches from the hook with a couple of dropper shot. I tried everything, holding back, holding back a little and letting the whole thing run through. Nothing. My 2 hours of fishing was up, it was getting dark. The dreaded “B” word had struck again (“Blank”). Since returning to my computer I’ve been informed by well known Dee Angling instructor Karl Nicholls that this stretch of the Dee doesn’t fish at all well in Winter. I know that, now.  I consider that to be excellent news because for once I can’t blame myself for the abject failure  of experiencing not one single bite.

Some very good news on the Rod Licence front. First, your rod licence will allow you to fish with three rods at the same time instead of two. This is good news for specimen anglers and manufacturers of bite alarms and rod pods. For me the best news is that when the changes come in, your new rod licence is going to be valid for 1 year from the date you bought it rather than the date of purchase to the present 31st of March date. rod-licenceThis is incredibly important because it now means that the rod licence becomes a viable Christmas or Birthday gift for those adults just getting into fishing. Under the old rules you’d pay full price for a licence bought as an Xmas prezzie but there would be just 3 months left on it. Hardly worth the bother. What about kids? Junior licences will be free. This is excellent. Thinks of the benefits to the National Security of the United Kingdom:

“Mum, Dad, could you buy me a new rod licence?”

“No, we can’t afford it, plus have you forgotten we’re off to Syria for radicalisation training?”

“But Mum and Dad, the new licence is FREE for Juniors!”

“Oh, in that case cancel the Syria trip, the only reason we were going in the first place is you’re always driving us bat-crap crazy, moaning about how bored you are! Fishing will take care of that!”

So, you see, this new Fishing Licence thingy is very, very important stuff. I feel safer already.

Because of the increased interest in fishing this will create I can also see the new setup being highly beneficial to the Angling Industry and I suggest you buy shares in any U.K. fishing related business. Commercial fisheries will certainly see a boost in numbers in a year or two.

The only slightly sad thing is the new changes don’t take effect until 2017 so you have just over one more year of the old rules to put up with when you buy your licence.

As we near the end today’s blog entry here’s a photo of the beautiful Lake of Tranquility taken on my phone a couple of days ago. I just close my eyes and think of the bunches and bunches of fish I caught there and it makes me forget all about today’s blank session.


Finally back to the Dee photos today. Notice how one of the photos shows very blue skies? It was taken with the SJCAM Action Cam. The other photo was taken with my phone. I love the blue sky effect from the SJCAM. I’ve no idea how it does that but it sure looks good. Here’s another shot from today:

river dee chester

That’s not bad from an action camera which costs just over £50. Look at how serene the water is. How on earth did I fail to catch a single fish today? Crap. I just remembered I blanked again. Make those dark thoughts go away………..