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Lake Of Tranquility, Always Brilliant Fishing!

Tuesday the 19th of January 2016 was a special day, weather-wise. For starters it wasn’t dribbling (or pissing) down with rain and more rain. In terms of this particular sodden and waterlogged winter that alone made it unusual. But, the main feature of this day was that it was absolutely calm, not a breath of wind broke the perfection that is the Lake of Tranquility.

Now, although it was dry and calm this was still a fairly cold winters day with the temperature hovering around 2 degrees Celsius. Here’s the thing…as I set up my gear I realised I wasn’t in the least bit cold. No wind = no wind chill. If only more days were like this. It really was Winter Perfection. Now, in case you haven’t already figured it out, the Lake of Tranquility is absolutely gorgeous. tranquility4It’s a fishing lake with a very natural feel – it’s set in a bowl, surrounded by wooded hills. Yes, there are hard standing pegs built into the bank but they don’t impact on the picturesque views. It’s also a fishery which is (wait for it)….stuffed to the gills with fish. Or so it seems because every time I go there I catch bunches.


tranquilitybream2Suffice to say it’s one of my favourite fishing venues. It’s on the Lymm Anglers ticket but you can also visit and fish day-ticket style. The owner, Chris Openshaw, is a bit more outgoing than most fishery owners I’ve met. Come to think of it, I’ve met hardly any fishery owners so maybe that’s why they seem shy.

I am happy to report that Chris Openshaw is not shy.

If you are fishing Lake of Tranquility and Chris pays you a visit you had better be catching decent fish and lots of them because otherwise be prepared to receive some expert and invaluable coaching from him. tranquilitybream3I was fishing there a few months ago. I was busy catching small roach and perch and I was happy and Chris showed up. At that time I wasn’t a Lymm A.C. member so I juggled around in my pocket for the day ticket fee. As mentioned, I was happy but Chris was NOT happy with the stamp of fish I was catching and almost didn’t take my money, so pathetic did my efforts seem to him. But after 10 minutes of his coaching I was catching some very decent and hard fighting ide and had hooked (and lost, it’s me, remember?) a couple of big carp. Great coaching, proof that you can teach an old dog pathetic moron angler like me new tricks.tranquilityroach2But I digress…today’s fishing is what I wanted to talk about. In short, it was fast and fun. From Cast Number One I was catching.  A couple of small margin perch while I fed about 25 feet from the bank, then I started to catch some nice bream and then….(drum roll please) I caught my new PERSONAL BEST IDE. Sorry about the capital letters. This is my first chance to shout about it. I couldn’t shout at Lake of Tranquility…I would have messed up the ethereal atmosphere. All I could do is weigh him and then quietly clench my fists in silent triumph. Remember, I have many New Years resolutions to fulfill and catching a new PB Ide was one of them. Here’s the Ide in question: pbidetranquilityI was worried that it was a chub but Chris Openshaw assured me that it was an ide and so the PB was Done and Dusted at 1lb 8oz. Lake of Tranquility has ide to 4lbs but of course at that weight they start to get predatory and so I’m unlikely to catch one that size on double red maggot.

Here’s a quick video showing a few of the fish getting played and landed…includes a few bream and, of course, MY NEW PB IDE. (Sorry, I’m shouting again).

Lake of Tranquility, Leeswood. Go there. Fish, enjoy, you’ll love it. Just bear in mind…if you’re driving a regular car the track is nice and hard but when you come to the left/right fork going down the hill take the LEFT fork. The right fork wheel tracks are a little worn down and you run a slight risk of grounding your car in the middle.