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Back to Llandegla – Rainbows and Roach

llandeglawebcafe In my last post I’d mentioned that I wanted to give the  upper coarse lake at Llandegla Fishery a go. Thus, yesterday I hied my way back to their beautiful location. It was almost lunch time when I arrived. So, I sat down in their great little cafe for a bowl of their delicious home made tomato soup and a couple of thick slices of farmhouse loaf. I paid for my afternoon’s coarse fishing along with my meal. Just under £6.00 for everything, such value for money!
From the cafe to the top coarse lake is quite a hike but fortunately you can easily drive it on the graveled road. In the end I was parked less than 100ft from my peg so there was no need to break a blood vessel humping heavy coarse gear on a long hike. The plan today was to target chub and roach. Earlier I’d picked up a set of digital scales, ready to weigh specimen fish in order to accurately record any potential “Personal Bests”:[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”y” identifier=”B009SKMDZ8″ key=”image” locale=”UK” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”n” tag=”thecomang-21″] Unfortunately today I never got to use them. The weather was changeable to say the least. It was an afternoon of sunshine and showers and on more than one occasion I found myself sitting in blustery and cold pouring rain while admiring rainbows in the sunshine just a few hundred feet away:llandeglarainbow2rainbow2lThat being said, the fishing wasn’t bad. I caught plenty of small roach, a few skimmers to 1lb and a couple of nice perch in the 8 to 10 ounce range. perchlUnfortunately the chub didn’t show up.  I fished live and dead red maggots as well as bread punch all on the waggler in all depths from 2 feet from the surface down to the bottom at about 8 – 9 feet and the roach, skimmers and perch made for constant action throughout the session. Great fun!

Speaking of Bread Punch, there has been a lot of talk about the Guru Bread Punch Box: [easyazon_infoblock align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”y” identifier=”B019FNEISM” key=”image” locale=”UK” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”n” tag=”thecomang-21″] There has also been a lot of talk about Islamic Terrorism but as I don’t like Islamic Terrorists and I do like the Guru Punch Box I’ll talk about the Guru Punch Box. It’s basically four bread punches in assorted sizes in a plastic sliced-bread-sized box with a tinted sliding lid. As you can see from the ad. above they retail for a little under £19.00. Now it’s my opinion that you could easily buy a set of bread punches and a watertight plastic box for less money and it would do more or less the same job. And so of course it goes without saying that I bought the Guru Punch Box anyway. breadpunch2It’s the tinted lid that sealed the deal. It really helps keep punch-ready bread at exactly the right consistency even if the sun is beating down on the box. The punches themselves are easy to use and because they have a plunger to pop out the punched bread you can create multiple hook ready baits and just keep them in the sealed box ready to use each time you need one. breadpunch3There’s no need to mess around with a punch every time you need a new hook bait. Just slide open the box, take a piece of pre-punched bread and slide it on to the hook.

It’s a fantastic addition to any coarse anglers fish catching inventory. I only have two very minor complaints about the Guru Punch Box: 1. The lid doesn’t slide open all that easily, you do have to give it a little bit of effort but of course this is better than the lid sliding open accidentally and messing up the bread. 2. The punches are clipped very tightly into their holders and if your fingers are cold (mine were near the end of the afternoon yesterday) it’s not the most fun in the world to try and pry them out. I ended up using a disgorger to pop them out.

Overall I give the Guru Punch Box high marks. It really tidies up the whole Bread Punching experience and of course it keeps your punched bread at exactly the right consistency regardless of the weather.