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Rain and Misery – Thanks, Met Office.

So I took a look at today’s weather forecast. Dry until 5pm, then rain. Great! I was a little worse for New Years Eve wear but finally able to leave the house today at 1pm on a cold but still dry afternoon. I figured a quick 20 minute drive to Llay Reservoir and by the time I tackled up I’d have about two hours of fishing before darkness and bad weather closed in.

How wrong I (and the vast resources of the Met Office) was/were. I got to the venue at 1:30, I was fishing by 2pm and by 2:15pm it was bloody raining. Combine that with a nasty cold wind and it made for a fairly dire little session. I put myself out of my misery and ended it at 3:30pm with all my gear soaked and just a few roach to show for 90 minutes of trying to fish in trying conditions. When I go “Pleasure Fishing” some actual “Pleasure” would be nice.

CAMERAAt least I can say I fished on New Years Day 2016. Unfortunately it looks like the weather is going to stay wet and cold for the next few days:

weather2 weather1…..which means that I’ll have to adjust accordingly. No more lugging 60lbs of tackle and bait to a muddy bank side at least while the damp and cold conditions continue. It’s time for some fly and lure fishing, neither of which I’ve ever really done before. On the lure side I’ll still have problems. The rivers are too high and the canals are full of cloudy river flood water.

I think tomorrow I will be off to the brilliant Cheshire Fishing complex to try my hand at a bit of fly fishing. I don’t have any fly fishing tackle but they have fly fishing gear for hire at the fishery at £4 a pop. I’ve got a fairly good idea how to cast but I might take the folks at Cheshire Fishing up on an hour of coaching which will set me back another £15. If it helps me to catch some trout it’ll be money well spent. I believe that roaming a bank and casting and stalking will be more fun in this dire weather than curling up on a seat box. Nope, I won’t be retaining and eating any fish I catch, it’ll be sports fishing only. I just don’t fancy the idea of rummaging through the carcass of a fishery trout trying to separate its 4000 micro-bones from the 4 ounces of flesh available for consumption.

If it all works out well and I’ve caught a trout or two  I’ll spray WD40 on the long-rusted lock on my wallet in order to buy some fly-fishing tackle but I’ll try to keep the total investment to under £120.

For a rod I’m looking at the Shakespeare Sigma Fly Rod at under £30fly rod I’ll consider the Shakespeare Sigma Fly Reel, again at under £ reel

I think it makes sense to buy a rod and reel which were obviously designed to compliment each other. If I’m going to be stood on the bank whizzing my arm back and forth all day in a frenzied effort to try and hook a trout (and keep warm) with nothing more than some steel and a few feathers as bait I might as well do it with tackle that balances properly.

I know I’ll need backing line, a slow sinking leader for the winter weather, fly casts and of course flies but I can’t even begin to pre-select which brands and specs I’ll need until after tomorrows trip to Cheshire Fishing. I suppose I’ll need some sort of stalker’s shoulder bag and a fishing vest for when the weather gets warmer or the rivers become fishable so my £120 budget will probably get fully used up.

I’ll let you know how it all goes on tomorrows trip to Cheshire Fishing. Looking forward to it!