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Month: December 2015

Website Nightmare and A Very Quick Fishing Trip

The Compleat Angler Website Woes continued through this morning but after some serious brain twisting it looks like all is finally working properly. My only regret is that you’ll no longer see the Bouncing Fish Maps as they tend to clog things up when loading the pages.

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Grimsditch Pool, a Shallow Beauty

For those of you who didn’t catch my heinous error in the Kitas Pool post yesterday, I’d said I was going fishing again “Tomorrow, a Monday” but of course “Tomorrow” as posted yesterday was today, a Sunday. So, off I went today, fishing, although it is worth mentioning that this particular article won’t be published […]

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Apologies for Slow Site Today

Unfortunately I’ve discovered one or two glitches on the site and this has slowed it down today. Things are back to normal more or less except that Amazon links won’t show. The blog will still be its usual mix of nonsense and fun fishing stuff while we sort this out. In the meantime….what a GREAT […]

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Clip and Snap, Kitas Pool at Tarvin Sands

Kitas Pool at Tarvin Sands Fishery provided some fun and games when I fished it for a few hours yesterday as part of my Okuma rod review which I posted last night. Today you get the Fishing Report.

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Violent Assault Poles Infest Rod Holdalls

What do the following all have in common: “Grim Reaper”, “Venom Pro”, “Darkside”, “Nemesis”, “Carp Cruncher”, “Carp Basher”, “Beast Master”, “Shock Core Fusion” and “Battlezone”? Answer, they’re all fairly violent or sinister names for fishing poles. This is a curious and even baffling phenomenon that pole manufacturers have adopted when it comes to naming some […]

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Which of Three Big Fishing Clubs To Join?

And so today is a Non-Fishing day and thus I was sore depressed and so I decided to figure out which one of three Big Fishing Clubs to join. I was actually looking at three different club options:

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Traveling Far and Wide To Fish New Waters

A week ago today I was on Pool Five at beautiful Cheshire Fishing. You may recall I had a great time and caught loads of fish. Of course while I love to fish on Pool Five at Cheshire Fishing I owe it to you, faithful reader, to explore, to try new waters, to see what […]

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Fishing Seat Boxes – Priced Low to High

Browse our selection of great Fishing Seat Boxes. Get comfortable and organised on the bank. Great for match or pleasure fishing! Note, I’m not including any seat boxes that don’t come with footplates. I can’t see the point in adding the extra weight of a fishing seat box without having the comfort and practicality of […]

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