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2016 Fishing New Years Resolutions

OK, so here’s The Compleat Angler’s New Years Resolutions. In 2016 I promise that I will:

1. Catch a Pike. I’ve never caught one in my life. I’ve “hooked” a few while reeling in tiddlers but of course under those circumstances the pike is holding on to the little fish and they always let go right at the end. So, in 2016 I’ll have to set some time aside for actual pike fishing. I’m not a huge fan of sitting and waiting so it looks like stalking and lure fishing will be the way to go. Even if I only catch a 2lb jack I’ll be happy. There will be a full report and tons of self-congratulation on this blog when it happens. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Jordan Sands, The Bearded Fisherman, with a nice pike. There’s no way I’ll look this cool, calm and collected when I’m posing with MY first pike.JORDANPIKE1

2. Fish some matches. Now, I know at this point I’m ill-equipped to actually win or place in a match but when I was young I did win a few small matches. Those were in the days of stick floats, wagglers and maggots and I knew enough to be competitive. There were no elasticated poles, pellets or method feeders, those were all just inventions waiting to happen and of course I need to learn all about all the new stuff in order to stand any chance.

cheshire53. Try fly fishing. I’ll make this 2016 Resolution a little harder. I actually have to CATCH a fish on the fly in order for the resolution to be considered “Fulfilled”. I’ve always shied away from fly fishing mainly because when I watch fly fishermen in action it seems to consist of lots of casting and fly presentation and stalking but very little actual catching.  At the same time I can see the appeal of walking a river on a summers day and catching the odd trout, chub or grayling on the fly. And just for a change it’d be nice not to have 60lbs of tackle and bait weighing me down.

4. Buy a proper Seat Box. I still haven’t decided which one yet. I’m also on the hunt for a decent medium sized pole of a maximum 13 meters although 9 – 11 meters will probably be the length I’ll settle on.

5. Fish the River Dee. Now I know this isn’t much of a promise but it basically has been un-fishable for almost 2 months now due to flooding and I sometimes wonder if it’ll ever get back to normal.DEEFLOOD3

6. This one is tough: Beat Personal Bests on the following coarse species (species with present approx. PB next to it): Roach 1lb, Perch 2lbs, Pike n/a, Dace 8oz, Bream 7lbs, Carp 10lbs, Tench 2lbs, Chub 3lbs, Barbel 6lbs, Rudd 12oz, Crucian Carp 1.5lbs, Ide 1lb. The 7 pound bream was 35 years ago in Germany and will be hard to beat. The most recent was the 2lb Perch last month. OLDWARRENPERCH2

6. Keep The Compleat Angler blog going for its first full calendar year. If you’re still reading this blog on the 31st December 2016 you can always call me out if I’ve failed on any of the New Year Resolutions on this list.   fishonbackground