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Parkfield Fishery, A Short Session in the Rain

PARKFIELD GOOGLEAs you can see from the above photo, Parkfield Farm Fishery is near the border of the Radioactive Zone in the Wirral. For some reason Google Earth’s seventeen billion Dollar camera shows the coast of the Wirral as some post-apocalyptic wasteland. You’d think that one of the world’s biggest companies would update their imagery from 2009 especially as this is the second time in two days I’ve been to the Wirral and as far as I can see it all looks pretty normal. My hair did fall out but that was years ago and nothing to do with radiation poisoning. PARKFIELDPANOParkfield Farm Fishery had a bleak kind of beauty this morning. The weather forecast was for wind and rain and thus it turned out to be. It (the weather) was horrible. Before I sat down to fish I paid a visit to the Parkfield tackle shop. What an eye opener! They have everything any coarse angler could possibly want which is good because Coarse Anglers want a LOT of stuff. I have seen Coarse Anglers and their loaded equipment barrows and have often wondered what happens when they get back to their medium sized cars. The loaded barrow often seems bigger than the car such that I simply assume the car also goes on to the barrow and the angler wheels everything home as it would be easier than trying to shove everything into the car.

But, I digress. As mentioned I visited the Parkfield tackle shop and was extremely happy to find one of the Grey’s Klip-Lok boxes I’d mentioned a few posts ago. Remember I said I wanted one of these as one of my Xmas gifts? Well, so far, none of you have sent me one so I went out on a limb and bought one for myself. It’s the one on the left in the photos.

CLIPBOX2 CLIPBOX1Plunk your maggots in, set it on your bait tray or bait waiter, keep the middle flap closed when it’s raining and only open and close when you need to impale or drown some maggots. As mentioned the weather today was pretty appalling and I can report that this bait box is, by far, the best I’ve ever bought. It will keep your maggots dry and “in”. As in, “In the Box” as opposed to crawling all over the place as maggots tend to do in wet weather.

PARKFIELDMUD PARKFIELD2As you can see the paths around Parkfield’s lake were veritable mud baths but the actual pegs are quite dry and I settled on to a nice sheltered concrete pad and tackled up. The aim today was to fish the feeder. I tried it for 90 minutes, casting to the island. I failed to register a bite in all that time. Bait was live maggots, dead krill flavoured maggots and bread. Before I knew it I only had 30 minutes left and I quickly set up a short pole and fished close in on maggot. I caught a few small roach so at least there was no dreaded “Blank” today. When I say “small” roach you’ll see in the photo below I’ve had to “arrow” the roach in order for you to see it.


That being said I saw lots of surface activity and there was a massive and incredibly noisy fish splash about 150 feet from where I sat. It was the sort of fish that really makes me wonder what I could catch there if I knew what I was doing. Parkfield Fishery are offering free fishing for the winter which is a really great incentive for me to go back and try and figure out how to fish it. I will try and visit again soon and give the fishery the time it deserves. However, something tells me it won’t be tomorrow…the forecast is pretty filthy. Tomorrow happens to be the Winter Solstice, the Shortest Day of the Year. Check back same time tomorrow for more fishing chat!