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Manley Old Hall Fishery Great Fishing For Good Anglers

google manleyManley Old Hall Fishery is actually one of the waters that Lymm Angling Club members get to enjoy without having to pay the £8 day ticket charge. It’s quite lovely, set in picturesque (and currently muddy) Cheshire countryside. In the Google Earth photo (above) it looks a little barren but once you’re there the trees surrounding the pool give you a real feel of rural privacy and seclusion. It’s far from motorways or main roads and so the main transportation noise is the odd aircraft. Aside from that all you hear are the sounds of Mother Nature plus Yours Truly clumping around trying to set his gear up without falling in.

manley3anglersI chose the middle pool, “Cherry” because, using my expert watercraft skills, I was able to determine that the water was calmer there than on the other popular pool there, “Black Poplars.” There was a  brisk wind blowing and it was kicking up little wavelets on “Black Poplars” and my plan today was to fish very light plus the Met Office said today would be mild and I had dressed accordingly and didn’t fancy a cold wind in my face.

Cherry Pool was very calm and sheltered. Three Expert Anglers had taken the best pegs. Even though I’d never visited Manley Fishery prior to today, I knew they had the best pegs because they were Expert Anglers. They were having a private fishing match and were catching small fish every chuck. I couldn’t wait to get started!

manley3anglerslongI set up opposite The Experts and potted in two cups of groundbait laced with maggots. I decided on the pole and started catching immediately. It was a roach a chuck, the bites were solid and for once I missed very few. Unfortunately Manley is “No Keepnets” unless you’re fishing a match which is a pity because 200 small roach would have looked pretty good at the end of the afternoon’s session. I also caught a small Crucian Carp and a few small skimmer bream.

fishquattroI had fun but somehow I know I Missed the Boat when it comes to fishing this venue. The guys across the pool fishing their private match spent the last 2 hours catching a much better stamp of fish than me with small carp, crucians, perch, skimmer bream and even a chub making their way into their Nets with expertise that I do not currently possess.

The weather got a little weird around mid-afternoon with these amazing cloud formations providing a spectacular backdrop to Cherry Pool and the Three Expert Anglers:


manleyclouds2Click on the photos for larger versions!

So, even though I completely failed to get the best out of it despite catching loads of small fish and having a great session (by my standards) I’d say that Manley Old Hall Fishery is a wonderful venue and I’ll be back, sooner than later.