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A Blank At The Trap

Today the weather forecast, care of the BBC and Met Office, was for mild, cloudy and dry weather. I have to give them 66.66% on their Examination Results because it’s Mild, Cloudy and RAINING so 2 out of 3 isn’t bad for a failing grade. This means we’ll finish our Fantasy Fishing Christmas Gift list and I’ll go fishing this afternoon. As you’ll recall we have three more items to complete the list, all of which have to be under £25 per item.


So, let’s start of with……THE FISHING. I didn’t leave the house until 1:45pm and even with a short 20 minute drive to The Trap Pool in Buckley I knew my fishing time would be limited to less than two and a half hours.  And that would be assuming that I could set up in 5 minutes which I can’t so that’s sorted….90 minutes actual fishing maximum!

When I arrived at the venue the local club, Buckley AA, were just wrapping up their last match of the year. Now, the members who fish The Trap regularly are real experts on the venue. If they had a bad day today I knew the chances of success for Yours Truly were not good. I decided to see what had been caught at the weigh-in.


fishnetsThese were pretty typical nets. The winning weight was under 6lbs and that was for a FIVE HOUR match. Thus it was, armed with the knowledge that people who knew what they were doing and had struggled to catch from the gin-clear water, that I returned to my peg, really thought things through, using 100% of my smaller than average brain to assess the water, fished for 90 minutes, had 6 bites, bumped 3 small fish and blanked.

trappool3The disappointment of “blanking” was somewhat made up for by the beauty of the venue. The weather was ridiculously warm for December and there were even midges over the water.  The match had been won on the feeder and I tried a couple of chucks but my heart wasn’t into staring at the tip of my rod especially as it refused to move, and I decided to fish light on the pole. That’s where I got the bites. I think my problem was fishing with too-heavy a pole float. Or it was slow reactions. Or both. Either way it was me and next time I visit The Trap Pool at Buckley I will need to improve – a LOT.