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Shropshire Union Canal. I Caught A Pike (On Video)

So off I went to the Shropshire Union Canal to see if I could winkle out a few roach and perhaps a skimmer bream or two. My destination, the stretch near Waverton.I’d never been there before but there’s a first time for everything except for anything you don’t end up actually doing during your lifetime.

When I got there I noticed an angler fishing for predators. It was none other than The Bearded Fisherman, Jordan Sands, a well known specimen angler and blogger.jordanfishing

I recognised him immediately (a) because of his red beard and (b) I asked him if his name was Jordan and he confirmed it. We shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and being the extremely expert and cool Predator Angler he is, he immediately set about catching an 8lb pike while we were still in mid-conversation. Here’s the proof:

Now I have personally never caught a pike but at least now I can say I’ve videoed someone catching one. One day I will go Pike Fishing and I will catch one but there is no way I will look as cool and calm and collected as Jordan did on the video. For him it was no big deal although he did say that catching pike is exciting. I imagine that being able to Catch Pike To Order must be incredible. I mean, we’re chatting, he sees the camera and decides to catch a pike. How cool is that? JORDANPIKE1Now, I have hooked a few pike while fishing for normal non-toothy coarse fish but of course it’s pretty hard to land a big pike on a 2lb hook length “armed” with a size 18 hook. In any case each time I hooked the pike I hadn’t really “hooked” it. It had merely grabbed whatever miserable tiddler I’d somehow caught and was winding in at the time. And so it goes without saying that each time this happened I lost the pike because Mr. (or Ms.) Pike knew that in order to avoid being landed all he or she has to do was open their mouth. I’ve actually played one once for 30 minutes in such circumstances but of course it ended well for the pike and badly for myself and whichever sensitive people were within earshot of me when I lost the pike.


In case you’re wondering, I fished for 2 hours and never had a bite but that’s because I’m often not good enough to catch fish, let alone catch them to order. The above photo shows me reassuring my maggots that they’re unlikely to be eaten by fish today although if you’ve already seen the video you’ll know I was able to keep a Feathered Friend happy.

Today was not a complete waste. Nevertheless I can truly say that watching Jordan The Bearded Fisherman expertly catch a pike and observing a beautiful water bird feeding on my bait and experiencing the pleasant December weather and marveling at the gorgeous Cheshire countryside in no way compensated for the fact that I personally failed to get a single bite. A Blank is a Blank and it bites big time, every time.