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Two Destinations, One Bad Day Fishing

river bollin placemarkToday started off very warm for December. In fact it felt like August but only because we’ve just had a lousy summer and August was particularly bad this year.  I got up bright and early (ie. before 10am) and drove to the River Bollin at Reddish Hall just outside Lymm. Even though there has been a lot of recent rain I judged the river to be OK to fish after carefully inspecting it with my experienced eye. I mean, look at this photo: bollin11Now that looks like a pretty benign river, right? So, I found a decent peg, unpacked my gear, set up a trotting rig with a 7 no. 4 stick float, started to loose feed maggots well above my swim (the current looked a little bit fast but nothing untoward), plopped the rig into the water and watched it FLY away at what seemed like 100mph. I guess my aforementioned “Experienced Eye” is currently under-performing because the River Bollin at Reddish suddenly seemed pretty un-fishable to me. I gave it an hour but didn’t get so much as a nibble. Even the one or two slack areas a foot from the bank were unproductive. There was also far too much of a muddy colour to go with the Express Train flow. I guess it needs a few more dry days before it starts fishing again.

A pretty obvious clue should have been the tree with its trunk under water about 50 yards downstream of my swim:bollintreeThat was it, a Blank. Not particularly a pleasant word for what was, after all, a very pleasant Weather Day for December. But wait! It was only 1:30pm, surely time to Un-Blank this disaster. So, I packed the gear and off I went (along with my car) on the 20 minute drive to Founders Pool, a gorgeous small lake in the middle of a golf course, one of the Lymm A.C. waters I’d signed up for when I joined the club. founderspool

I had about 90 minutes to fish . I set up my pole and fished at around 7 meters where there seemed to be a bit of a shelf. It was about five feet deep there. I felt confident about catching a couple of quality fish. It didn’t quite work out that way.  All I can say is at least I didn’t blank. Some tiny roach, a small perch and that was it.

Founders Pool

Founders Pool has a really “fishy” look about it. What I mean is, when you see the venue you know it has quality fish, it’s just a question of figuring out how to catch them. I will visit again for sure for a much longer session. I think the key in winter will be to fish further out and see if there are any deeper spots. Another good tactic would be to be a better angler. I’m working on that but I have quite a way to go. The optimum solution will be to make sure there is an Expert Angler fishing at Founders Pool next time I go so that I can pick his or her brain for tips.

One day again, and soon, you will see photos of me holding fish which don’t threaten to blow away in a strong breeze. In the meantime I’m glad I didn’t blank today. For such small mercies (in the form of even smaller fish) I am thankful.