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Fishing Seat Boxes – Priced Low to High

Browse our selection of great Fishing Seat Boxes. Get comfortable and organised on the bank. Great for match or pleasure fishing! Note, I’m not including any seat boxes that don’t come with footplates. I can’t see the point in adding the extra weight of a fishing seat box without having the comfort and practicality of a footplate, something which enables you to attach your keep net, more rod and pole rests and more, plus of course a footplate lets your feet stay warmer and drier.

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”y” identifier=”B00MJ15CGU” key=”image” locale=”UK” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”thecomang-21″]Hard to argue with the Value for Money factor of the TFG Match Boss seat. The price includes rod rests, pole roller, keep net arm, cross arm and more!


avanti seat boxThis is the Avanti RDX 2000 Seat Box. At just £145 INCLUDING a wheel kit it’s got to be worth a look! Click the image for full details.


Maver Signature 200 Seat Box
Maver Signature 200 Seat Box

The Signature 200 Seat Box is another example of the Maver brand and quality but with a high degree of Pound Stretching too! This little beauty has plenty of storage space. Click the image for full details. Just £239.99!


Maver seat box
Maver Signature 600 Seat Box

Another great seat box from Maver. Just £279.99. Click the image for full details.


maver seat box
Maver Signature 1000 Seat Box

A little pricier but the quality really stands out. Plus, it includes a wheel kit. Just a quick word about the wheel kit, it really is thrown in as a freebie. Don’t try to use the wheel kit on really rough ground. By definition Wheel Kits that integrate with the seat box frame won’t be as strong as buying a dedicated fishing barrow. Plus, if a wheel kit breaks there’s always a chance it could also break the frame of your fishing seat box. Your mother won’t want to hear what you have to say if that happens to you. You should be OK on a lawned fishery or the canal side but anything rougher, get a trolley or travel light for that trip!