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Month: December 2015

2016 Fishing New Years Resolutions

OK, so here’s The Compleat Angler’s New Years Resolutions. In 2016 I promise that I will: 1. Catch a Pike. I’ve never caught one in my life. I’ve “hooked” a few while reeling in tiddlers but of course under those circumstances the pike is holding on to the little fish and they always let go […]

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Still Looking At Pole Options

Today was a glorious, mild, sunny December day, a wonderful day for fishing thus it goes without saying that I couldn’t go due to prior engagements. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy, wet and just plain ‘orrible, and so it’s quite probable that the weather will scupper any chance of fishing. In the meantime, it’s […]

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Llay Reservoir, An Absolute Welsh Gem!

Last month I paid £7.00 to join Llay Angling Club. This was their discount price for joining so late in the year. Today I found out

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Maggots and How To Kill Them. Plus, Founders Pool Report

This was my second visit to Founders Pool at the Antrobus Golf Course, one of Lymm Anglers waters. The first visit was marked by very patchy fishing on the pole with only a few small roach and rudd to show for it. Today

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Cheshire Fishing Pool Two. Magical Margin Fishing.

Pool Two at Cheshire Fising provided a great afternoon of silvers fishing on what was forecast to be one of the few decent weather days of the week. Click on the Google Earth image above to see exactly where I set up. A couple of anglers were already set up and fishing when I arrived […]

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Talking About Fishing Gear

I wanted to go over a few money saving gear options in today’s column. Now, this is bad news because it means I didn’t go fishing today but we’ll still make the best of it by Talking About Fishing Gear. First on the list is a set of Elasticated Feeder Pellets by Avanti.  Actually with […]

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Parkfield Fishery, A Short Session in the Rain

As you can see from the above photo, Parkfield Farm Fishery is near the border of the Radioactive Zone in the Wirral. For some reason Google Earth’s seventeen billion Dollar camera shows the coast of the Wirral as some post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Lingmere Fishery – Fun in the Sun

This is Leasowe Lighthouse, pretty much at the entrance to Lingmere Fishery at Moreton, The Wirral, Merseyside. Yes, we were going Coarse Fishing By The Sea. Lingmere Fishery is only 300 yards from the beaches and mudflats of the Wirral. I was actually afraid that this part of the U.K. had been the victim of […]

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Festive Mood Spoiled By Need To Fish!

[easyazon_infoblock align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”y” identifier=”B00WSSSBS0″ key=”image” locale=”UK” localize=”y” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”thecomang-21″] First of all, I received tremendous news this morning. No, I had not won the Euromillions, but the next best thing plopped through the letterbox. It was a communication from Vehicle Control Services Ltd., the company which has the lucrative contract for imposing fines […]

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Manley Old Hall Fishery Great Fishing For Good Anglers

Manley Old Hall Fishery is actually one of the waters that Lymm Angling Club members get to enjoy without having to pay the £8 day ticket charge.

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