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OK, Today You Get Funny Fishing videos

I didn’t go fishing today. Among other things I watched Spurs play Chelsea and it was like watching a Man Utd. game, it really was a bone-numbingly snooze-worthy load of rubbish. I really SHOULD have gone fishing today. You’ll just have to put up with some funny videos from YouTube. Yes, I’m being lazy. Tomorrow I’ll make up for it, I’m Going Fishing! Yes, the weather forecast is awful but being away from the bank for even just one day is bad enough. If you’ve seen these videos before then please go back to fishing or drinking beer. If you haven’t seen them they’ll make you chuckle.

I love this first one…lots of U.K. style fishing disasters. I’ve “been there” on one or two of them.

Tomorrow’s session will likely involve a hike back to the Old Warren Pool. The reason..I want to try for those big perch but this time using drop-shotted lures and lobworms. I’ll have to lighten up the gear load for the long walk through the mud but I also want the option of doing an hour or two of regular style coarse fishing with maggot and waggler in case the lures and worms don’t do the trick and so I will be lumping some weight along with me.

The Old Warren Pool
Friendly Bullocks near the Old Warren Pool.

Now, the weather forecast is supposed to be Bloody Awful tomorrow with heavy rain and fairly strong breezes, although nothing like today’s gale force winds. But, the Old Warren Pool is very sheltered, so the water should be calm even if the rain threatens to make the hike from and to the car a bit of a slalom. Full report tomorrow, assuming I survive the Bullock Gauntlet!