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A Rare Non-Fishing Day – Bleh.

tangle1No fishing today. Bleh. Car went in for servicing, by the time I picked it up there were only a couple of hours daylight left plus it started to bucket down. I’m going to try and get out tomorrow for a session even though the weather gurus say it’s going to be colder, very windy and somewhat wet too. But, there will be daylight and that’s all the excuse the average Fishing Nut needs to sit on the bank in order to get cold, windswept and wet.

Yesterday at the Old Warren Pool you might remember reading that I caught two really nice perch. I don’t think I left that information out of the article. However,  I didn’t tell you about my two major tangles, both of which resulted in my having to “tackle up” again. (For those not familiar with Fishing Terminology, “Tackle Up” has absolutely no saucy or erotic connotation whatsoever. That’s the hard truth). In both cases the tangle seemed to appear from nowhere…one second I was reeling in the rig and the next second I was looking at a pretty good impression of Albert Einstein’s hair, namely my birds nest of a rig.

Have you noticed that if you get one bird’s nest tangle it very often means another is imminent? I can be fishing for four hours with nary a problem and then I’ll lose two rigs to tangles within 5 minutes of each other. So this means that Fishing Tangles are like Bananas and Buses, they generally come in Bunches.

Have you also noticed that if you catch your hook ever so slightly on a plant or the ground or it nicks your clothing, as soon as it SPROINNNGS free of the obstruction the action of your rod tip or pole elastic is enough to make the line knot itself 17,251,341 times? How can anglers believe in the Laws of Physics when stuff like that happens? Come to think of it, when was the last time you fished with a top scientist? Why won’t they fish with us? Could it be that we’ll show them up?  I mean, they recently said they discovered “Global Warming” except it wasn’t getting any warmer so they changed it to “Climate Change.” I personally have been fishing for close to 45 years and I can tell you that the climate can change six times in a fishing session and furthermore I could have told them (the Scientists) that 30 years ago. I’m a slow learner.cheshire2cloudy


That’s enough fishing rambles for today. I’m definitely going fishing tomorrow even though the weather forecast is for raw, cold, windy weather. Would you believe it, cold weather at the end of November? It must be something to do with “Climate Change.” Or, it could just be “Cold Weather.” Tight lines, and if you can’t manage that, at least avoid Birds Nests.