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Old Stripey at The Old Warren Pool

OLDWARRENPOOL2The Old Warren Pool just outside Broughton is controlled by the Connah’s Quay A.C. of which I’m a member. This would be my first visit to the venue. I could not have wished for a muddier welcome.OLDWARRENSTILE

This was the sight that greeted me upon arrival at the car park. How nice, it’d be a 300 yard walk through mud and cow pats to the venue. No problem, I had my waterproof boots on, all I had to do was not trip over and not allow my rod bag to drag through the mire. There was also a welcoming committee: OLDWARRENCOWS3 I’m pretty sure they were bullocks. I didn’t see any udders and thus these were not female cows. On my hike to the Old Pool I wasn’t stomped to a mushy mud cow pat angler pulp therefore it was logical to surmise that these were not fully equipped bulls. I noticed among the cow pats some perfectly formed mole hills but I decided not to try and decide which was mole hill and which was cow pat in the sense of collecting Mole Hill Soil for my ground bait just in case I chose poorly. Actually I have not yet tried Cow Pat in my ground bait. Perhaps some of you brilliant anglers out there could give it a go and tell me how you get along?

Back to The Venue: It is some hike to the pool but once you’re there you know you’re in a very special place. They should make it a National Treasure, it’s simply gorgeous. OLDWARRENPOOL3

One of the reasons I wanted to fish this venue was I’d read a Fishing Report by the excellent Fishing In The North West angling group. In their report they caught some big bream so I thought “I’ll have a bit of that” and my target for the afternoon became said Big Bream. Naturally I failed to catch a single bream but I DID catch two fabulous perch, completely by accident, on maggot over ground bait. In both cases I thought I’d hooked a decent bream and as they fought I changed my guess as to the species as in: no it’s a small carp, no it’s a big eel, no, it’s a crucian, no, it’s a barbel etc. Only when I saw the perch (I was in shock, I’ve never caught any perch that big before) did I know that it was a perch. I also caught loads of small roach, one or two rudd and a couple of greedy mini-perch.

(And, in case you missed it or in case I forgot to mention it, you never know, I CAUGHT TWO BIG PERCH).


I estimated the weight of this perch to be around 2lbs which is pretty good in my book.


Of course it is said that perch make great eating if properly prepared but we Coarse Anglers NEVER eat the fish we catch, we always put them back from whence they came because eating Coarse Fish is cruel. Pass the Lamb Chops, please, dear.


Here’s video of one of the perch being caught and both perch being returned to the water.

The video and the photos here were all taken with the SJCAM SJ4000 Action Camera which for the price is the absolute Dogs Bollocks investment for recording fishing adventures. I have found one relatively minor fault with the camera….it doesn’t do so well in low light. Yesterday at Cheshire Fishing I actually tried to film my net of fish and it didn’t work out at all. Now it was pretty dark by then. In fact, by the time I’d packed up and drove away from Cheshire Fishing it was night time. Just bear that in mind…if you decide to night fish with this otherwise perfect camera you’ll need extra lights. If you decide to Night Fish in winter you’ll also need to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

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One last look at The Old Warren Pool. Note, you do need to be a member of Connahs Quay Angling Club to fish there but it really is worth it. It’s a 100% natural pool and when you’re fishing there it’s as if you’re in another world. Just remember it’s a bit of a yomp through the mud and cow poop to get to the pool.