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Four Oaks Farm, Small and Very Cold

Saturday 21st November 2015 was quite cold. At least it would have been “Quite Cold” had there not been a 25mph freezing blast of a wind blowing from the North. It was one of those days where the actual temperature was “Five Degrees Celsius” but the “Feels Like” temperature was “A Lot Colder Degrees Celsius.” Nevertheless, I had a 2 hour window where I could allow myself to fish and so off I went to Four Oaks Fishery somewhere between Deeside and Ellesmere Port. [wpgmza id=”11″]


The photo above gives some indication of how cold it felt in the wind. No-one is fishing. I was the only one at the fishery. Now, Four Oaks Farm seems to be a very equestrian minded farm in that there are lots of horses there. There WERE quite a few people attending the horses, getting them ready for a dressage competition due to be held there later that day (and long after I’d left). THOSE people didn’t seem to be particularly cold. They were well wrapped up but they also had the advantage of being able to run around with their horses plus of course if things got a little chilly even for them they could give their Equine Storage Heaters a big hug and stay warm that way. As for me, all I had to “Run Around With and Hug” was a half pint of red maggots and whatever fish I could catch in the 120 minutes I’d allowed myself to fish.  It was going to be cold.

Pete’s Pool at Four Oaks.

There are two fishing ponds at Four Oaks. Heron Pit is the biggest but it was horribly windswept. I walked around Heron and the wind showed no mercy. There was also a thick covering of dying weed left over from what little summer we had. So, I elected to fish Pete’s Pool, the smaller of the two waters. Now, when I say “Smaller” I mean really, REALLY tiny. Pete’s Pool is so small every time I caught a small roach the water level dropped by half an inch. I HAD to put the fish back otherwise there would have been no water left after about 1 hour. And, yes, Your Humble Correspondent did manage to catch a few fish, all roach.

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I have fished Four Oaks before. There are some nice carp and bream in there but today was a day for tangles, numb ears and runny noses. Plus a few roach. Still, it was a chance for me to give my new SJCAM SJ4000 WIFI Action Cam another go. Now that I’ve edited the following video I realise that I had not set the date and time and so it appears that yesterday was in fact 2014 when, by carefully researching the facts in front of me, I found out that “Yesterday” was late 2015. I have (a) adjusted the date and time of the camera so that it won’t happen again and (b) mentally scowled at you, The Compleat Angler’s faithful readers, for not spotting the error yesterday when I released the first SJCAM video. As I said yesterday, please pay attention, I might learn something.

Right, I’m off to get my gear ready for another session of fishing today. I’ve no idea where I’m going! I’ll let you know afterwards.