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Month: November 2015

Wind, Mud, Rain: Fishing at The Old Warren Pool

I knew that today would be a windy and wet brute and so The Old Warren Pool seemed like a good place to go. Yes, it’s a bit of a hike through some slippery deep mud and cow pat infested fields, up and down a slippery hill and over two slippery stiles. But the idea […]

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OK, Today You Get Funny Fishing videos

I didn’t go fishing today. Among other things I watched Spurs play Chelsea and it was like watching a Man Utd. game, it really was a bone-numbingly snooze-worthy load of rubbish. I really SHOULD have gone fishing today. You’ll just have to put up with some funny videos from YouTube.

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Cymau Pool, A Little Gem In The Hills

Last week I fished Llay A.A.’s main pool, Llay Reservoir and I was impressed. Today was Incredibly Filthy Weather day which meant (a) it had to be a weekend

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A Rare Non-Fishing Day – Bleh.

No fishing today. Bleh. Car went in for servicing, by the time I picked it up there were only a couple of hours daylight left plus it started to bucket down. I’m going to try and get out tomorrow for a session even though the weather gurus say it’s going to be

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Old Stripey at The Old Warren Pool

The Old Warren Pool just outside Broughton is controlled by the Connah’s Quay A.C. of which I’m a member. This would be my first visit to the venue.

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Cheshire Fishing Awesome

I woke up today with the sound of the wind and rain lashing the windows, doors, walls, roof, guttering and any other parts of the house I could think of in order to increase the length of this article. In short it did not look like a

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Fishing Rambles

Today I was thinking about venturing out for an afternoon’s fishing but the skies opened up and I succumbed to the allure of a warm living room and my laptop computer. Tomorrow, DEFINITELY going fishing. Two days in a row with no fishing (and three with no fish if you count yesterday’s River Dee Blank) […]

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River Dee Cold Floodwater Misery

Monday 23rd of November dawned cold and frosty. Not that I actually SAW the dawn…I didn’t get up until 9am as I’d been up working on yesterday’s blog until fairly late. A few errands to run, a quick lunch and it was 2pm before I reached the River Dee at Sandy Lane, Chester.[wpgmza id=”13″] The […]

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Back at Four Oaks Farm Fishery

After yesterdays Death By Freezing Wind at Four Oaks Fishery it seemed like madness to venture out today with the forecast highs set to be similar. The difference was…NO WIND! It was positively Tropical out there. Excellent, time to get up super-early! By 9:30am I was in the shower after a quick cup of tea. […]

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Four Oaks Farm, Small and Very Cold

Saturday 21st November 2015 was quite cold. At least it would have been “Quite Cold” had there not been a 25mph freezing blast of a wind blowing from the North. It was one of those days where the actual temperature was “Five Degrees Celsius” but the “Feels Like” temperature was “A Lot Colder Degrees Celsius.” […]

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