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Product Review: Lightweight Fishing Seat Box is Well Worth The Money for the Roaming Angler

Now I feel quite qualified to review this particular item as I own and use one myself! It’s a lightweight fishing seat box with two slide in tackle boxes, side and front pockets, adjustable legs/feet and a strong shoulder strap which can be converted for backpack-style use.


My take on it is that it’s actually really good value for money especially if you know how to get the best price out there. I’ve seen it advertised new in the £56.00 to £79.00 price range which is quite a spread. I paid £65.00 for mine at Go Outdoors a few months ago and now it’s right at £72.00 there.  See below..on Amazon it’s now right at £56.00 with free postage to U.K. addresses.

The seatbox itself is highly practical and very lightweight for a box with a rigid frame. The padded seat is very comfy even for long sessions and the material covering the frame is super-hardwearing water resistant nylon with a waterproof inner liner. The box contents can be accessed from the front or rear of the box so getting to your stuff is easy even when you’re sat on it.

fishing seat box
My seat box on the bank at Yew Tree Fisheries

Adjustable legs make it great for uneven banks. Two high quality slide out tackle boxes are included and I personally find there’s enough space and compartments in the two boxes for all of my terminal tackle. Even with the tackle boxes inserted into their drawers there’s still plenty of room in the main seat box for reels, catapult, line spools, camera, spare clothing and more.

It’s a great seat box for anglers who like to travel light but still fish in comfort. It’s not in the same league as a full seat box fishing station costing £250 or more but of course those give you a whole different way to fish and are better for anglers looking to stay in one spot for the whole day. This lightweight box is light enough to stalk with. If you scale down on the rest of your tackle you can easily take it from swim to swim.

It’s worth noting that on some commercials with hard standing platforms which go out over the water you’ll have trouble figuring out where to place rods rests and bait trays as this style of box can’t accommodate either as attachments.

Our score is easily 4.5 stars out of 5 …it’s a great little seat box, comfy, well built, practical and only loses a half star because of the lack of options for attaching accessories such as bait trays and rod rests. You’ll just have to stick those in the ground in the old way!