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Amazon’s highest rated and best selling Smart Phones in all price ranges and sizes.

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Our take on the iPhone: They’re brilliant Smartphones and they’re updated every year. This is wonderful as long as you don’t mind spending £500 or more a year just to get the latest tweaks! One major plus for anglers is that they’re water resistant. An accidental drop into the swim won’t bring too much grief as long as you “fish” (ho ho) it out quickly. And, of course, iPhones have brilliant cameras, always a bonus for photographing your catch at the end of the day.

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Our take on the Samsung premium Smartphones Galaxy Note 4 and S6/S6 Edge: They’re easily as good as the iPhones and they cost a little bit less. We’re not sure we like the non-changeable battery on the S6 but battery life overall is excellent. Same as the iPhone, if you don’t mind spending a fair bit of dosh on a phone every year or two then the Samsung top of the line Smartphones are quite brilliant tech items.

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We love the Motorola G phones.  You get almost all of the performance of the Big Bad (and expensive) boys from Apple and Samsung but at a fraction of the price. And the 3rd gen Motorola is water resistant, perfect for the cold or slippery fingers caused odd dunk in the lake. Furthermore, if you’re unlucky enough to lose your Moto G it’s only about £130 to replace it. Your wallet will be happy.