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Leger Fishing and the Fact that I WAS Useless at Spelling It

Chortle, Guffaw and Smirk, I’m so bad at Leger Fishing that I never even spelt it right in a previous post. My New Years Resolution for 2015 (10 months late) is to improve my leger fishing by 99% which shouldn’t be all that hard given how totally crap I am at it right now.

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Ledger Fishing and The Fact I’m Useless At It

method feeders

I have to admit, I’ve done 99% of my fishing on the float. Even when I visited Thailand to go after some of the monsters there I tried to use the float as much as possible. There’s just something about watching that little float tip do its dance when something is sniffing around considering whether to grab the bait or not.

But, James Davies of the brilliant website and Facebook group linked to a great instructional Anglers Mail article by Tim Knight about Method Feeding. Amazing,  so many tips in such a short read, terrific!  I’ll be trying out more and more feeder fishing in future fishing trips. I hope the bites come quick because I’m definitely The Impatient Angler when it comes to waiting.

feeder and mould

Brilliant Smartphone for Anglers!

WHAT A GREAT PHONE FOR ANGLERS! This one is terrific…you have an absolutely BRILLIANT smartphone at 1/4 of the price of the top of the line models and yet it has close to all of the capabilities and speed of the Iphones and Samsungs of this world. Awesome! Brilliant phones, superb value for money!

In terms of use by anglers, the phone is water resistant, on its own this might be an informed reason to buy one.

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Hello U.K. Fishing Nuts! It Has Been A While…..


I joined the Army in 1975 as a 16 year old. I left in 1988 after almost 14 years of service. During that time I had many memorable coarse fishing sessions in Germany and the UK. I was always a fishing nut but when I left the army it felt right to start a new life abroad and my wife and I moved to Belize, her country of birth.

We’re back now. 27 years away and fishing in the U.K. has changed so much. Boilies, Pole Elastics, Method Feeders, Pellets, Commercial Fisheries and so much more is new.  I’m only just beginning to understand some of them, especially the new baits. And everyone seems to have a Carp Fetish! Is it the smooth skin, the full lips, the rounded figure of the carp which makes them so alluring? Or is it because they’re greedy buggers and great fun to catch? When I left the UK in 1988 the big thing was fishing holidays to Ireland where you could catch 150lbs of bream in one sitting. That was considered exotic fishing at its best. Now 100lb or more of carp and bream at fishery-hosted matches or on pleasure sessions in the U.K. are common and accessible to everyone. (Not that I’ve succeeded, though!).  I still love the Silvers of Yore, though. There’s nothing quite like catching wild roach, dace, chub, perch, bream and barbel on rivers, natural lakes and canals.

When it comes to the new hi-tech bait frenzy I’m still in the early stages. I’m slowly learning to catch fish on them but it’s not easy because there’s a lot of information to take in and this is not helped by the fact I’m a bit thick. For me there’s always the humble maggot to fall back on. I love maggots, they’re a cast iron guarantee against the dreaded “Blank” fishing day out. I wish to apologise unreservedly to the thousands of maggots which have perished by drowning or being consumed by fish during my fishing career. You didn’t deserve your watery deaths and I salute you.

As much as I feel for all of the maggots I have exterminated I’m not Ghandi. 1 pint of red, 1 pint of bronze, 1 pint of mixed and a pint of pinkies, please. I’m going fishing.

I’ll be adding loads of new blogs mainly because I fish a lot and every trip is different. Winter is coming to the U.K. and I’m looking forward to loads of frostbitten days on the water where the dip of the float means instant warmth and excitement. Tight lines to all of you, may you never blank again!