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After The Floods – A Session on the River Dane

As you may recall a few weeks ago I became a member of Lymm Anglers which meant I’d get to fish the River Dane. Lymm A.C. has fishing rights to three stretches of the Dane, none of which have been remotely fishable since I joined due to the floods, rain, water and general moisture which have been a feature of this exceptionally soggy winter. Continue reading After The Floods – A Session on the River Dane

The U.K.’s Current Population Growth Is A Huge Problem

Politicians love to espouse the benefits of high levels of immigration while glossing over the out of control expansion of the U.K.’s population. Here’s how they “spin” their arguments and here’s how I rebut those arguments as ridiculous twaddle:

1. Population growth is needed because it adds to economic growth. By this argument the main reason for “Economic Growth” is to enable the sustainability of a growing population? In other words economic growth merely to sustain a growing population doesn’t help the average person get richer. The established rich get richer, everyone else stagnates or gets poorer. On the other hand, if the economy doesn’t grow but the population continues to explode, the effects of a recession are magnified so that a moderate recession when the population is stable turns into a severe recession in times of explosive population growth. Wouldn’t it be nice if the population remained steady and the economy grew ever so slightly each year?

2. We need more people of working age because our elderly are living longer and becoming more numerous. I find this argument to be laughable, not because of the fact that it is made, but because I don’t recall anyone of influence ever debunking it. In other words we’re fed this crap by The Establishment and The Media and we just lap it up. Here’s what it is, a ludicrous and cynical “kicking of the can down the road”. The ever increasing legions of working age people today will be tomorrow’s elderly and the problem will just get worse. At some point we have to stabilise the population and if it means a sudden increase in the funds allocated to caring for the elderly at the expense of today’s working generation, so be it. At least in the future we’ll have zero population growth and we’ll then enter into an age of equilibrium where we’re not having to dig ever deeper into the pockets of the taxpayer to care for increasing numbers of aging people. In an age of stable population we’d easily be able to budget for known future and stable numbers of elderly folk.

3. Because the indigenous British are not breeding at a fast enough rate we need more immigration to keep the population growing.  Labour love to make this argument because they work on the premise that immigrants who later become voters will likely vote their (Labour’s) way. The Tories like mass immigration because they know it means cheap labour for their business friends. Mass immigration is one of the main reasons for income inequality.  The fact is, immigration should only be allowed such that it keeps the current population stable. It should not be used as a vehicle for cheap future votes or cheap labour.

If we could stabilise the population of the United Kingdom at current levels we could slowly get into a position where our housing crisis would disappear. The NHS would begin to cope with the demands of current levels of sickness. Currently senior health officials and doctors are always complaining about lack of funding for a rapidly increasing population. If we didn’t have half a million new patients to care for every year budgeting for the NHS would be so much easier. The same could be said for transport infrastructure. On our roads and railways we’re always playing catch-up with never ending works projects and repairs. Our transport system will never be to a high enough standard if we’re adding half a million or more permanent travelers each year.

So, politicians of both major parties, enough with the mass net immigration. It’s not making Great Britain or the British any better off in real terms. Furthermore, most avid anglers like myself know that mass immigration is taking its toll on the U.K.’s natural fish stocks. But we dealt with that in a much earlier post!

Back to Llandegla – Rainbows and Roach

llandeglawebcafe In my last post I’d mentioned that I wanted to give the  upper coarse lake at Llandegla Fishery a go. Thus, yesterday I hied my way back to their beautiful location. It was almost lunch time when I arrived. So, I sat down in their great little cafe for a bowl of their delicious home made tomato soup and a couple of thick slices of farmhouse loaf. I paid for my afternoon’s coarse fishing along with my meal. Just under £6.00 for everything, such value for money!
Continue reading Back to Llandegla – Rainbows and Roach

Fly Fishing Gear and Complete Fly Fishing Kits, Everything You Need to Start Fly Fishing Right Here!

largerainbow2One of the reasons I love ordering on line from Amazon is their customer support and returns procedure is second to none in terms of service and speed. If you order a product and it doesn’t match the description given or if it’s in any way defective just return it using the ridiculously easy Returns process and Amazon will ensure you’re refunded in full.

High quality fly fishing kit. Get started with the right stuff at the right price.

I’ve seen these in the stores like Go Outdoors. For the price they’re a great way to get started on fly fishing without breaking the bank.

This is an interesting one. You get the Flextec rod and reel complete with line. This is a pretty good way to add a high quality 2nd rod and reel to your fishing armoury especially if you already have a landing net, equipment bag and a fly collection. In case you’re wondering, spare spools are available for the Flextec Richel reel at around £15 a pop (see below).



Airflo Classic Cassette Reel 7/9
List Price: £44.99
Price: £44.99
Price Disclaimer
If you’d prefer to buy your gear separately this reel is good value for money. I own one, the build is good and it comes with a total of FOUR spools. I have discovered you need spare spools for each of your reels in fly fishing, much more so than in coarse fishing. The alternative is simply to buy super-cheap reels without spare spools and load up each cheap reel with the various different line types you need. However, if you take this route you’ll hit a big brick wall when that double figure trout decides to grab your fly and your flimsy el-cheapo reel falls apart.  £12 buys you a cheap fly reel. £25 – £50 or so gets you a decent quality of reel. Still inexpensive but not “cheap” anymore. In fly fishing it is said that the reel is nothing more than a carrier for the line. This is true as long as you don’t catch fish……


Shakespeare Sigma Fly 6/7 WT Reel - Black
List Price: £29.30
Price: £29.30
Price Disclaimer
This one comes with an extra spool in the 6/7 and 7/8 sizes which is enough to get you fishing with, say, a floating or sinking line. It’s a good solid reel.


Now for some fly rods for those who prefer to buy their gear separately. I own one of these in the 6/7 weight. I Highly recommend it. I use it to fish a Number 6 line but it will easily go one size lower. I am not sure it’ll handle a Number 7 line. I think the Shakespeare Sigma rods tend to fish on the lighter side of their rating. Yesterday I caught a 4lb Rainbow using this rod. Great fun!


Even though I love my Sigma rod I think the Agility is going to be on my shortlist as a 2nd or 3rd rod especially in a 5WT version. I’m going to need something for rivers and streams and having handled this rod in shops I am leaning towards it. It’s a beautiful piece of gear and at these prices can’t be beat.

I like these because they’re barbless. Most of the time when one purchases flies the hooks have to be de-barbed which is a bit of a pain. Mind you, the selection of flies you can actually buy with barbless hooks is limited so in most cases resign yourself to pinching down the barbs before you go fishing.

And this proves the point. Not barbless, you’ll spend a happy evening pinching down 100 barbs!

Great reviews, just de-barb before you go fishing!

At least buzzers are easier to de-barb because you don’t have feathers and other materials in the way.

20 EPOXY BUZZERS Trout Fly Fishing Flies UK 55A
List Price: £6.99
Price: £6.99
Price Disclaimer
Winter is buzzer season and here’s another good selection.

Getting Started at Fly Fishing for Trout
List Price: £6.99
Price: £6.99
Price Disclaimer
I actually have this book, well worth a read if you’re new to fly fishing like me. On more than one occasion I’ve thought to myself “Well, I never thought of THAT” while reading it.

I’ve got one of these (or something very similar). They’re great, everything you need can be carried in the pockets or on clips. Mine makes me look like I know what I’m doing even if I don’t.

This one is a bit more tactical. More pockets, more space, pity it won’t make me fish “more better.”




Llandegla Fishery – a Coarse and Fly Paradise

(Note, the map above and all future maps on The Compleat Angler are clickable and interactive. This is because I’ve finally figured out how to do it).

What an absolute diamond Llandegla Fishery is! With two coarse and two trout lakes and a cafe with ridiculously amazing and reasonably priced food all set in the lovely North Wales countryside it’s a venue which will see Continue reading Llandegla Fishery – a Coarse and Fly Paradise

Talking Trout Fishing and Pole Testing

cheshirefishing FLY FLY FLYToday was spent at Cheshire Fishing, once more practicing my fly fishing casting, tangling and swearing techniques as well as my “buying stuff from the tackle shop” tactics. (On the satellite photo above the “EFF’s” show the trout pools.) I’m happy to report that I actually caught two more trout on the fly although one of them was so deformed it looked like a Continue reading Talking Trout Fishing and Pole Testing