Still Looking At Pole Options

Today was a glorious, mild, sunny December day, a wonderful day for fishing thus it goes without saying that I couldn’t go due to prior engagements. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy, wet and just plain ‘orrible, and so it’s quite probable that the weather will scupper any chance of fishing.

In the meantime, it’s on to the Great Pole Search as I look for an affordable but high-performing pole in the 9 to 11 meter range. Yesterday I alluded to a couple of affordable Maver poles. Today I found the Drennan Red Range Carp Pole 11m on the Lionel’s Tackle Shop website. I will probably visit tomorrow to take a look at this and one or two other poles. The specs look promising. Here’s what’s included:

11m pole including Carp Kit Spare top two Carp Kit
2x Roller Cones
Extractor Rod
2x Skid Bungs
EVA Nose Cone for No3
4x PTFE Bushes
8x Side Pull Beads
Polemaster Pole Pot
2x Cupping Kit Adaptors
Wipe-clean Nylon Bag

drennanredreangepano1Aat 11m it’s at a length which will easily cover my pole fishing range requirements. I doubt I could handle a 13-16m pole. In any event any decent long pole is going to be well outside my price range of a maximum of £250. I suppose it’d be possible to buy a 13m for that price but it would weigh a ton. At 13m I’d be hanging on for dear life if a decent fish took the bait. The fish would pull down and I’d end up 10 feet in the air, a technique which isn’t going to win me any matches.

drennanredreangepano2The Drennan includes a couple of Top 2 Carp Kits and….(drum roll)…it also includes side-pullers. This is important because having watched much better anglers than me easily handle some chunky carp with the side puller kits on their pole  it’s clear that this is a must have if I’m going to improve my catches.

drennan red range 6Now, as you can see there are a few bits and pieces spares that come with the pole. I knew about the pole cup kit, the two roller kits, the side pull beads and the PTFE bushes. But those large blue things in the top right of the photo? At first I thought I’d stumbled upon an “Ann Summers” advertisement but it turns out that those are “Skid Bungs” and are designed to protect the open end of the pole section as you ship it backwards. I’m not sure about the “Skid Bungs” terminology, though. Maybe that’s why our sport is called “Coarse Fishing.” Sounds like an angler may very well have stumbled upon these in an adult shop after all. Mind you, “Pole Butt Protectors” would have been just as bad a name. But I digress.

The Drennan Red Range Carp 11m Pole gets GREAT user reviews on the Pole Compare website and at the present time it’s definitely on my radar. I’m looking forward to seeing one “in the flesh” tomorrow at Lionel’s.

A few articles ago I mentioned I’d ordered a crystal waggler float set from Amazon containing 20 floats from Redwood Tackle. The package arrived today and as far as I can tell the floats are all high quality. Once I’ve tried them on the water I’ll post a short review.

redwood floatsIf you’ll recall they cost a “whopping” six quid for all 20 floats but that won’t stop me from giving one or two of them a proper try out to see if they’re good enough to keep in my tackle box.

Set of 20 Loaded Crystal Waggler Floats
List Price: £6.69
Price: £6.69
Price Disclaimer

Thanks to Storm Frank, which is on its way to the U.K. as I type this, I doubt my Redwood Tackle Crystal Waggler Float Review will take place tomorrow. In the meantime, the sun has just gone down on a gloriously sunny December day, the 29th, a day I can never get back. I need consoling. Time for a drink.

Coming soon to The Compleat Angler: New Years Resolutions!