Talking About Fishing Gear

I wanted to go over a few money saving gear options in today’s column. Now, this is bad news because it means I didn’t go fishing today but we’ll still make the best of it by Talking About Fishing Gear.

avanti pellet feeder setFirst on the list is a set of Elasticated Feeder Pellets by Avanti.  Actually with all the hype surrounding a certain Sci Fi movie they sort of remind me of little Darth Vader helmets. As far as I can see they’re pretty much identical to the Guru Pellet Feeders in basic design but they’re only 1/2 the price at Dragon Carp Direct. Now, I realise that my talking about anything to do with legering is pretty rich due to my previous lack of interest in it. However, I’ve decided to give it much more serious thought in the coming months. Yesterday I used one of the more expensive Guru elasticated feeders at Parkfield Fishery and failed to register a single bite. But, I believe that’s a result of The Fisherman and not The Gear. I like the Guru, it was easy to set up but it did come in at close to £2.50 per feeder so a set of four of the Avanti feeders for a Fiver seems to make sense.

matt hayes tri tip rodThe next Money Saver on the list is the Matt Hayes Tri Tip Waggler/Feeder rod. At £29.00 you actually get three rods in one : 11ft, 13ft and 15ft lengths. I’m guessing the 11ft version is perfect for heavier pellet waggler fishing. Now, in my opinion you don’t actually save much money with a rod like this. After all, you can get some pretty decent waggler rods for under £20. But, where you do save, big time, is on weight and space in your rod bag. I currently own the Okuma Carbonite 13ft/15ft Match Rod which I love, but it’s a bit light for distance fishing with a pellet waggler.  On the other hand, the Matt Hayes Tri Tip would probably handle most fairly light match rod applications AND would be highly suitable for going after bigger fish sitting on the islands, a distant cast away. I might take a closer look at this rod in the New Year.

avanti isotec fishing suitThis next one is ridiculous. Avanti are definitely leaders in value for money fishing gear. You get a full Bib and Brace, 3/4 jacket, waterproof overtrousers and a bonus Avanti cap, all for about £60.00. The reviews are pretty good too…buyers seem very happy with this gear. You could easily pay double this for a high end brand name bib and brace on its own but only if you can easily dig into your wallet and pull out £100 and spend it on something which gets filthy and smelly on every fishing trip. Mind you, my own Bib and Brace has been getting muddy but not so “fishy” during recent fishing trips. Bad weather and bad angler. A bad combination.

Set of 20 Loaded Crystal Waggler Floats
List Price: £6.69
Price: £6.69
Price Disclaimer
For our final Money Saving gear selection how about TWENTY Loaded Crystal Waggler Floats for £6.00? Now I have a confession to make. I logged on to my Amazon account just now to see how much delivery would cost. Often you’ll find that delivery can cost almost as much as the product which would negate any Value For Money factor gained on the original product price. I pressed the wrong button and inadvertently ordered the floats. I didn’t mean to, so I went back to my “Orders” list to cancel and found out that Standard Delivery was free of charge. So, I had a choice: Cancel the order or get 20 floats for 30p per float. At that price I couldn’t cancel. The only downside, they won’t arrive until 2016, January 2nd to 6th to be more precise. I’m looking forward to trying them out and will post my findings once I’ve recovered from the shock of accidentally spending six quid.

I’m definitely fishing tomorrow, looking forward to it, no idea where I’m going but it will be fun and I’ll post a full report tomorrow evening on The Compleat Angler. I know you can’t hardly wait for it!