Cymau Pool, A Little Gem In The Hills

Last week I fished Llay A.A.’s main pool, Llay Reservoir and I was impressed. Today was Incredibly Filthy Weather day which meant (a) it had to be a weekend (b) I’d be a complete moron to want to go fishing on a day like today and (c) so naturally I went fishing. Today was also my chance to fish Cymau Pool, Llay A.A.’S second pool.

Now, a couple of days ago I humped my gear about 400 yards through cow pats and mud and mole hills to fish The Old Warren Pool. The fishing was awesome, the hike was less so. I decided that I didn’t want to repeat that so I carried my gear the 400 yards up and down hills to get to Cymau Pool instead. (Some anglers never learn). Funny how Google Earth doesn’t really show the hills….it all looked very flat to me on the satellite. But, when I got there this is the sight that greeted me. cymau pool view photo

What a little gem. The photo doesn’t show it, it looks so tranquil, but the weather was abysmal. Howling wind, driving rain, snot-nosingly chilly. Good job I had clothes on otherwise I would have been miserable. Speaking of clothes, I’d just bought an El Cheapo waterproof jacket and trousers. Here it is: I didn’t wear the trousers today because I had my bib and brace on. But the waterproof jacket, yes, I wore that and I’m bound to say for twelve quid it’s a bargain. I endured 3 hours of driving rain, for you, my faithful readers. Well, not really, I endured the crapola weather mainly for me, actually, I do love to fish in case you haven’t been paying attention. And, I stayed bone dry under that jacket.

The water was crystal-clear, not always a good sign. But, I could see that it had depth so I was still hopeful of catching fish. The Pole was not an option (far too windy, left to right, some howlingly freezing gusts) so I set up with a light waggler rod and float. Groundbait is not allowed at Cymau Pool so I loose fed maggots, stuck a couple on a size 18 hook, set the depth to just over bottom and started to catch some of the prettiest perch I’ve ever seen in my life.

A couple of nice deep coloured roach came to the net as well. Unfortunately your humble correspondent had the camera attached to his head at the wrong angle for quite a fair bit of the session so I can’t really show you those.

Watching the video and remembering the terrible weather does make me think that some Premier League footballers are complete wimps. I sat there for 3 hours, getting battered by Ms. Nature and I DIDN’T WEAR GLOVES. Some professional footballers, on the other hand, can’t play 45 minutes without wearing mittens like oven gloves. Maybe they keep their credit cards inside the gloves in case they want to shop during the game. Now, I have to report, my hands were bloody freezing at the end of this session. They were the only parts of me that got cold. In any case, that 15 minute hike back to the car carrying my gear warmed me right up, just as playing 45 minutes of football would have. It’s quite bizarre to think that one or two footballers actually wore SNOODS while playing a few years ago.perchposejp

Perch at Cymau Pool, Wales
Both photos above are Video captures from the SJ4000 Action Camera. Note the “Well Aaard” gloveless hands.

This visit to Cymau Pool means I’ve actually made a nice profit on my £7 Llay Anglers annual membership. I figured, seven quid is a pretty average day ticket price for most quality venues, I’ve now fished both their waters, the fishing is definitely up there, so I’m technically £7 up on the deal!

Due to the Bloody Awful weather forecast I probably won’t go fishing tomorrow. They’re expecting 50mph gusts and rain. I said “Probably won’t go” …anything is possible because we anglers are not wimps, unlike some Premier League Footballers.

Finally, if you’ll recall, yesterday I mentioned I’m slowly starting the search for a new seat box. I don’t want to break the bank. Today I found this on Dragon Carp:maver seat boxIt’s a Maver, I’ve seen lots of raves about Maver gear and this seat box is available for around £240. No wheel kit, though. But, that said, the last two venues I’ve visited (Cymau Pool and The Old Warren Pool) would have rendered any wheeled system totally useless. If I do end up getting a seat box like the one here I’ll still need to hold on to my lightweight box because lugging something like the Maver or the Avanti from yesterday to some of these rough and remote venues would not be doable. Gloves or no gloves. But, I need a seatbox simply because so many venues are wheelie-friendly and of course the comfort and organisation you get with a good seat box are second to none. Note that I said “The comfort and organisation YOU get with a good seat box are second to none.” I bet my own peg will still be a cluttered mess, seat box or not.