Product Review: Lightweight Fishing Seat Box is Well Worth The Money for the Roaming Angler

Now I feel quite qualified to review this particular item as I own and use one myself! It’s a lightweight fishing seat box with two slide in tackle boxes, side and front pockets, adjustable legs/feet and a strong shoulder strap which can be converted for backpack-style use.


My take on it is that it’s actually really good value for money especially if you know how to get the best price out there. I’ve seen it advertised new in the £56.00 to £79.00 price range which is quite a spread. I paid £65.00 for mine at Go Outdoors a few months ago and now it’s right at £72.00 there.  See below..on Amazon it’s now right at £56.00 with free postage to U.K. addresses.

The seatbox itself is highly practical and very lightweight for a box with a rigid frame. The padded seat is very comfy even for long sessions and the material covering the frame is super-hardwearing water resistant nylon with a waterproof inner liner. The box contents can be accessed from the front or rear of the box so getting to your stuff is easy even when you’re sat on it.

fishing seat box
My seat box on the bank at Yew Tree Fisheries

Adjustable legs make it great for uneven banks. Two high quality slide out tackle boxes are included and I personally find there’s enough space and compartments in the two boxes for all of my terminal tackle. Even with the tackle boxes inserted into their drawers there’s still plenty of room in the main seat box for reels, catapult, line spools, camera, spare clothing and more.

It’s a great seat box for anglers who like to travel light but still fish in comfort. It’s not in the same league as a full seat box fishing station costing £250 or more but of course those give you a whole different way to fish and are better for anglers looking to stay in one spot for the whole day. This lightweight box is light enough to stalk with. If you scale down on the rest of your tackle you can easily take it from swim to swim.

It’s worth noting that on some commercials with hard standing platforms which go out over the water you’ll have trouble figuring out where to place rods rests and bait trays as this style of box can’t accommodate either as attachments.

Our score is easily 4.5 stars out of 5 …it’s a great little seat box, comfy, well built, practical and only loses a half star because of the lack of options for attaching accessories such as bait trays and rod rests. You’ll just have to stick those in the ground in the old way!



Stunning Casting Skills in Thailand

This is absolutely ridiculous. The casting skills these Thai anglers possess are out of this world. The fish they’re catching are (mainly) snakeheads, great sport, great eating (unfortunately for the snakehead, that is). There’s also the  Hampala Barb in a couple of scenes. Two videos, one great talent! A GoPro or similar camera is used for some of the shots, super stuff to watch!

It’s Why We Fish.

GoPro HERO Camera - English-French
List Price: £109.99
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Mobile Phones

Amazon’s highest rated and best selling Smart Phones in all price ranges and sizes.

Our take on the iPhone: They’re brilliant Smartphones and they’re updated every year. This is wonderful as long as you don’t mind spending £500 or more a year just to get the latest tweaks! One major plus for anglers is that they’re water resistant. An accidental drop into the swim won’t bring too much grief as long as you “fish” (ho ho) it out quickly. And, of course, iPhones have brilliant cameras, always a bonus for photographing your catch at the end of the day.

Our take on the Samsung premium Smartphones Galaxy Note 4 and S6/S6 Edge: They’re easily as good as the iPhones and they cost a little bit less. We’re not sure we like the non-changeable battery on the S6 but battery life overall is excellent. Same as the iPhone, if you don’t mind spending a fair bit of dosh on a phone every year or two then the Samsung top of the line Smartphones are quite brilliant tech items.

We love the Motorola G phones.  You get almost all of the performance of the Big Bad (and expensive) boys from Apple and Samsung but at a fraction of the price. And the 3rd gen Motorola is water resistant, perfect for the cold or slippery fingers caused odd dunk in the lake. Furthermore, if you’re unlucky enough to lose your Moto G it’s only about £130 to replace it. Your wallet will be happy.

Photograph and Record Your Latest Fishing Exploits

Brilliant cameras, value for money too! You’ll note that some are cameras with impressive zoom lenses. Great for photographing the fantastic wildlife anglers often see whilst relaxing on the bank. Some are simple and inexpensive. Handy if you’re (a) clumsy and (b) near water. All of these cameras take great video too so if you can persuade your fishing companion to leave his/her peg for a few minutes they can video you swinging in that monster 3 inch gudgeon.

The Panasonic DMC-FZ72EB is the newer version of the camera I use for my still photographs. “Newer” normally means “Better” and if that is the case then this newer version of my camera must be out of this world BRILLIANT!


Imagine you’re taking a fishy photo with your £600 Iphone and it slides out of your hands into the keep net. Expensive drop, no? A camera similar to this is a possible solution! OK, it doesn’t have a huge zoom lens but it will snap a good fishy photo.


Canon is always a great choice and in this case you get a brilliant DSLR for not much more than the cost of many Bridge cameras.


The fact is, you can’t go wrong with one of these. They take stills, video and they’re waterproof when in their included housing. I have one. Brilliant!



The Sony isn’t cheap but you get The Compleat Camera for your money. Just don’t drop it into the water!


High specs and low price…plus the Canon name. It’s hard not to like this camera.


Nikon have always made the highest quality DSLR cameras but they also manufacture some of the best Bridge / Superzoom cameras. Highly recommended.


Top of the Line Canon Superzoom. Big specs, not cheap but if you love photographing wildlife during your fishing excursions this camera will serve you well.


Nice! Drop the float in, relax, enjoy. This Is Why We Fish.

Coarse Angler David at Badger Lake, Lloyds Meadow Fishery, practicing for his match in a few days. He had over 60lbs of carp and silvers.

A word about the camera I used. It’s a Panasonic FZ270 camera with a ridiculous zoom on it. You can see that from how close we get to the float at the start of the vid. The Camera also has image stabilization which is handy at the long zoom lengths we sometimes need when filming nature.  It takes great photos too, which is always a bonus when using a camera……


Here it is on Amazon:


Note the flappy carp making good his escape on the soaking wet grass as I took the photo! (Dave posing with a few of his fish).

This Is Ridiculous. U.K. Population Growth Getting Out Of Control

Alarming stuff.  The population of the United Kingdom is going to increase by 10 million in the next 25 years. Soon we’ll be the most populous country in Europe even though our land mass is much smaller than many EU countries.  OK, so what has this got to do with fishing?

  1.  There will clearly be more pressure on the countryside as the need for new built up areas become inevitable as towns and cities are forced to expand.
  2.  There will be more road traffic as you try to get to and from your favourite fishing venues. More road traffic also means more noise which in some venues will affect the tranquility of the fishing experience.
  3.  There will continue to be an influx of people who don’t understand that we don’t eat our carp, pike, perch and other coarse fish. Furthermore they won’t know that when we fish we clear up our discarded line, hooks and other rubbish from our swim and the area around us. We even clear up the garbage left by others. More discarded fishing line and hooks = more blame being attached to the angling community as a whole for wildlife loss.


These are just some of the negative effects that uncontrolled population growth will have on the Angling Community in the coming years. I personally hope that David Cameron’s commitment to reducing net migration to the tens of thousands per year rather than the 400,000 or more per year it is at now actually sees the light of day.

Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi - Space Grey
List Price: £350.00
Price: £350.00
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Leger Fishing and the Fact that I WAS Useless at Spelling It

Chortle, Guffaw and Smirk, I’m so bad at Leger Fishing that I never even spelt it right in a previous post. My New Years Resolution for 2015 (10 months late) is to improve my leger fishing by 99% which shouldn’t be all that hard given how totally crap I am at it right now.

Match Fishing 4x Feeder & Mould Set - TMMFS
List Price: £4.35
Price: £4.35
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Leger, Feeder and Carp Rods

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Shakespeare Omni Feeder Rod - Red, 12 Feet
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Price: £28.90
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Oakwood Match/Carp Feeder/Quiver Rod 10ft
List Price: £23.95
Price: £23.95
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Shakespeare Beta Carp 2.5lb Rod - Black, 12 Ft
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Price: £22.99
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